30 January 2011

The world of Mac in Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Not just a dream, but a world created of fae, nightmares, lies, truths, and wonder, Karen Marie Monings' series of five Fever novels culminated in the most recent entry, Shadowfever.

Beginning where Dreamfever ended, Mac finds herself alone with death. Her journey in this book takes us through unrelenting darkness, sadness, anger, revenge, and despair. The author has already has offered the greatest spoiler on her website with the first two chapters where Mac discovers the identity of the beast she killed. The beast that she feared yet trusted - and which protected her. 'Nuff said?

Moning never does anything by halves, and trust me, this book is worth reading and re-reading. Actually not just reading but luxuriously enjoying. This world of a Fae-soaked Dublin, a world of grey - no longer black and white - is one to be savored slowly.  And at the conclusion we discover who and what Mac really is. Finally.

Humanity is celebrated even among those who are not human, by the understanding and acceptance of the most human of qualities - honest mistakes.

The best news that I can share is at the end - where it is indicated that there are more novels signed for this series. So the story of Mac and her Fever world does not end, but will continue to evolve.

NB Please, please, please read these books in sequence - Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever, and Shadowfever. Each one leads to the next and while you might find one out of sequence interesting, now that all five are available it is truly an extraordinary and perfect time to read all five. You will be enchanted. And don't stop there, do check out Moning's Highlander series. The characters of the MacKelters now are entwined in the Fever series and these are fabulous books as well. For more on Moning's works, see Amazon.

Moning has extraordinary gift to create alternative worlds that envelop us, seduce us, and in time ravish us. Enjoy!


Did you remember to glance in the closet and peer under the bed before going to sleep? Remember what you read in the the book. Yes, that one. Remember all the fairy tales . . . really remember.

Somehow those words reflect more than we can imagine in this 21st century, filled with logic, reason, and technology. For more and more of us are choosing to recreate childhood - a childhood of myth, fantasy, wonder, and fear - by slipping into the books termed "urban fantasy."

Fab Fantasy Fiction is not limited to the realm of urban fantasy, but will also explore works of mystery, romance, and some hard to categorize choices. However urban fantasy serves as the planet with the others appearing as moons and stars.

This year many authors are releasing long awaited sequels in their series and we will explore these as well as the series behind them.

Enjoy a trip into the magical never never land that all of us seek to return to in our dreams.