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Fab Fantasy Fiction is delighted to serve as a stop on blog tours and also post interviews with some favorite authors. This page serves as an easy resource and archive for these posts. Thanks for joining us in welcoming fabulous authors to Fab Fantasy Fiction!
If you’d be interested in planning a stop, please email the editor, Emsy Van Wyck……………

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Lara Adrian

Tiffany Allee

Tracey Alvarez

Jackie Ashenden

Kristen Ashley

Serena Bell

Beth Ciotta

Andrea R. Cooper

Robin Covington 

J.C. Daniels

Cat Devon

Jayne Denker

Sally Eggert

KM Fawcett

Laura Florand

Debby Grahl

Donna Grant

Joni Hahn

Cristin Harber

Gwen Hayes

Lisa Hughey

Alexandra Ivy

Willow James

Lisa Kessler

Kimberly Kincaid

Celia Kyle

Jill Marie Landis

Adrianne Lee

Ophelia London

Loralee Lillibridge

Cindi Madsen

Sandra Marton

Gina L. Maxwell

Becky McGraw

Ava Miles

Sophie Moss

Terri Osborn

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Katee Robert

Inara Scott

Jessica Scott

Deborah Smith

Anna Sullivan

Hope Tarr

Farrah Taylor

Tina Wainscot

Shiloh Walker

TF Walsh

Peggy Webb

Laura Wright


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……………………..In addition to working directly with authors and publishers, Fab Fantasy Fiction works with these tour hosts to welcome authors to the blog. Please note that there is NO renumeration received for appearances nor reviews on this blog. Tour organizers may charge, Fab Fantasy Fiction does not.
Please see editor’s note for additional information about Fab Fantasy Fictions blog stop policy.

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