National Book Lovers Day: An open letter to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Hachette’s Michael Pietsch

National Book Lovers DayCelebrating the authors and titles we love
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9 August 2014

To: Jeff Bezos, ([email protected])
      Michael Pietsch, Hachette ([email protected])

Dear Mr. Bezos and Mr. Pietsch,

Today is National Book Lovers Day and I’m writing to both of you to ask you to cease and desist this fight that is putting not only your two respective companies in the battle zone, but also authors and readers alike.

You both probably have valid points in this argument – and I’m hardly qualified to say who’s right and who’s wrong. One thing I’m sure …

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  • A bakery that dishes up a little extra to the bachelors of Buttermilk Falls every Monday night
  • A third-generation baker witch who creates a magical batter for those bachelors with every stir
  • A third-generation baker who can match everyone else