A five pie salute for Adrianne Lee’s Delicious, book two in her Big Sky Pie series.

imageIf you haven’t already read Adrianne Lee‘s novella Delectable, book one in her new contemporary romance series Big Sky Pie, please do so immediately as the next book in her series, Delicious, has just been released and you’ll want to savor each slice of this scrumptious series.

Lee captures the reader with the way she is able to vividly convey her characters emotions, as I noted in my review of Delectable. Delicious is a more traditional romance story than Delectable and Lee’s sensitive and evocative style make it a must-read.

This series set in a small town in Big Sky Montana introduces characters that touch the readers hearts as they turn each page. A warning though, especially in Delicious, that you may feel the need to be snacking on blueberry pie, turnovers, and jelly, as each page resonates with the aroma and warmth of the Big Sky Bakery kitchen under the direction of baker and heroine, Jane Wilson.

Hero Nick Taziano, best friend of Quint from Delectable, has a bad boy flair and a player reputation. When Nick and Jane, former step-siblings, find themselves thrown together as their parents want to re-marry sparks begin to fly between these former teen rivals.

Along the way there’s a pie eating contest, some tension between bakers, and some very sexy and hot romantic action. Lee has a real talent in keeping the reader engaged and involved in her character’s lives. I’m quite looking forward to the next installment of Big Sky Pies, Delightful, where Lee will let us know what happens with Pie Shop manager Andrea (to be released in March).

So five Big Sky blueberry pies for this fabulous romantic page-turner by Adrianne Lee!

From the Publisher

Big Sky Pie Book 2
Delicious by Adrianne Lee
Forever (Grand Central Publishing)
Pub Date Dec 3 2013
ISBN 9781455574353
Price $2.99

Workaholic Nick Taziano is the proud owner of a successful marketing company in Montana. But his career takes a backseat when he learns his dad plans to remarry his ex. Nick fears she’ll break his heart . . . again. And he doesn’t like being reunited with her obnoxious daughter-until the all-grown-up beauty kisses him at the engagement party. The kiss might be a mistake, but once he tastes Jane’s lips, nothing-not even her famous blueberry pie-compares.

A promising chef at Big Sky Pie, Jane Wilson never, ever wanted to see Nick Taziano again, but he’s just been hired to do the pie shop’s marketing. How’s a girl supposed to bake the best pastries in town when he’s a constant reminder of their steamy chemistry? His chocolate eyes and sexy dimples heat up the kitchen-and every part of her body. Jane has no room for a man in her life, yet sometimes the most delicious dishes don’t follow the recipe . . .

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