Alicia Hunter Pace’s Simple Gone South is a five star standout!

imageThere’s something about romances set in the south that just draw me in. I find my brisk northern mind slowing down as I read along dreaming of sweet tea, honeysuckle, and southern drawls. One series that I discovered recently is Alicia Hunter Pace’s Gone South – and I love it! Book three, Simple Gone South was just released and is simply a fabulous entry in the contemporary romance category.

I was fascinated by the character of Lucy and her quick exit from parties and events when playboy Bradley was to appear in Sweet Gone South (book 1)Scrimmage Gone South (book 2); and “Slugger Gone South” in Take Me Out (book 2.5) – and figured there was an interesting backstory. Simple Gone South (book 3) offers that story and more in a really touching and sensitive love story that made me pull out the box of Kleenexes to have on hand.

It’s perfect time of year to read this as the story occurs in the fall and early winter (i.e. Thanksgiving and Christmas play a role). But I would suggest reading the previous three entries in the series (see above) as the characters interrelate and the stories are just so beautiful.

In Simple Gone South we discover that player Bradley has some hidden depths that guard emotional trauma, while Lucy needs to learn to trust in love and friendship. I really liked both of them and had fun with the description of their careers (restoration architect and interior designer). Their friends who feature prominently in the previous stories play a strong role here as well and the warm southern hospitality will melt the winter cold away…

There’s a refreshingly innocent quality about this series that engages the reader along with humor, romance, and touching (and sometimes quite heated) love scenes. I do hope you’ll add this to your must-read shelf as I have and enjoy a little southern comfort along the way.

From the Publisher

Gone South Book 3
Simple Gone South by Alicia Hunter Pace
Crimson Romance
ISBN 9781440562662
Price $4.99

The last time Brantley Kincaid had an argument with someone, he was eighteen years old – and he regrets it like he will never regret anything again. If only he had not balked at going to pick up his grandfather that day, his mother would not have driven into the path of a truck and there would be two fewer graves in Merritt Cemetery. Though a frequent visitor, he hasn’t lived in Merritt since burying his mother and grandfather. But now he’s coming back and it might not be so easy to hide behind his wit and charisma.

Outwardly, interior designer Lucy Mead is a beautiful, confident professional. Inside, she’s the friendless, overweight girl who spent her life following her archeologist parents all over the globe. And who could forget those teenage years of turmoil and unrequited love? It would have been kinder if Brantley had not known she was alive rather than treating her like Robin to his Batman. She carries the humiliation to this day.

Their friends and Brantley’s family are delighted when he sets his sights on Lucy, though Lucy isn’t so sure. She cannot deny the attraction, but something is wrong. Does he really love her, or does he see her as a refuge and another way to run from his grief?

If she can’t find answers, what could be a simple, sweet life might go completely south.

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