Plot twists and turns create a real page-turner in Rachel Kall’s political romantic thriller Race to Kill

imageRachel Kall‘s romantic thriller, Race to Kill (A Love and Scandal Novel), is a book that draws you in with its depiction of the behind-the-scenes action of a presidential race. Soon however, the focus really shifts to the interaction between heroine Vivian Reese and undercover FBI agent Marcus Locke. It’s apparent that their initial antagonism masks a fierce attraction.

At first Marcus, who is undercover as a bodyguard for the campaign trying to sniff out campaign finance fraud, swiftly shifts gears when Vivian becomes threatened by a stalker. She’s become the campaign spokesperson by default after her boss suffers a heart attack and the media attention seems to be drawing some scary attention to her.

Marcus moves in with her and soon, well, those sparks may ignite. But all is not what it seems and this book becomes a serious page-turner as Vivian and Marcus try to discover who’s behind all the threats.

This is a fun, fast read and held my interest with the plot twists and turns. I’m looking forward to reading more Love and Scandal novels by Kall in the near future. If you like romance, suspense, and are intrigued with politics – this is the book for you.

From the Publisher

Race To Kill by Rachel Kall
A Love and Scandal Novel
ISBN 9781625172754
Price $2.99

When fiercely independent Vivian Reese is thrust onto the national stage during a heated presidential campaign, she doesn’t expect to become a media darling. She also doesn’t expect to start to fall for her sexy new bodyguard, Marcus Locke. But when threats start surfacing against the sitting President’s campaign and all evidence points to Vivian, she doesn’t know who to trust. Delta Force Operator turned FBI agent Marcus Locke is supposed to be investigating campaign finance crimes. He’s not supposed to be checking out the sexy, eloquent campaign spokeswoman Vivian Reese, who’s one of his prime suspects! But when they are caught in the middle of a presidential race that is quickly turning deadly, he is forced to put both his heart and his job in the line of fire. Tempers flare and passions ignite as the campaign gets dangerous, but when bullets start to fly will either of them survive?

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