Lori Wilde’s Happily Ever After is a must-read collection of her Wedding Veil Wishes stories

imageI LOVE a romance that’s sprinkled with just a touch of magic – and that’s what the four books in Lori Wilde’s Wedding Veil Wishes series provides. A 300-year-old magical veil reveals the bride-to-be’s true love if worn before a mirror with an open mind and a wish from the heart. I loved each and every story in this series as when I turned the final page, I just had that warm glowing feeling you receive when hope and love is nurtured.

Now you can easily collect all four novels as the Forever (Grand Central Publishing) offers them in two volumes. The first is Kiss the Bride: There Goes the Bride/Once Smitten, Twice Shy (Wedding Veil Wishes 1 & 2) and is available now. The second, Happily Ever After: Addicted to Love/All of Me (Wedding Veil Wishes 3 & 4), will be released on 17 Dec 2013. I highly recommend that you purchase both books these should be read as a series (I received Happily Ever After for review from the publisher, but made sure to read Kiss the Bride first). Wilde is such a talented author that you can read these as stand-alones, but why should you with the availability of these two fabulous (and inexpensive) collections.

The Wedding Veil Wishes series focuses on four friends who couldn’t have more dissimilar personalities, but are the kind of BFF’s that don’t hang up if you call when they’re “busy” in the middle of the night with an emergency that calls for chocolate or ice cream. The veil, found by Texas socialite Delaney in a second-hand store in There Goes the Bride bestows it’s magic on school teacher Rachael in Addicted to Love and attorney Tish in All of Me. And did I mention how convenient it is to have the stories collected like this? My e-Reader smiled when Happily Ever After was loaded on it along with Kiss the Bride

In Addicted to Love, Rachael returns to her hometown after being jilted – for the second time – at the alter and is caught defacing a billboard by the proverbial boy next door, now Sheriff of Valentine, Texas. With a community brought up only to believe in happily ever afters, Rachael is totally devastated by what she sees as the ultimate betrayal of her life-long dream. This spunky heroine chooses to put her foot down and soon has the town in an uproar with her antics. In addition, the 30-year-long marriage of her parents falters and seems to be ending; she loses her job; and that Sheriff, well he’s just too tempting for a gal who’s sworn off relationships. I laughed myself silly reading some of the goings on in Valentine, but also grabbed a tissue a time or two as well.

In All of Me, after losing her mentor and suffering the worst of betrayals of heart, attorney Jillian packs Texas in and heads to a Colorado lakeside cottage her mentor left her in his will. When she arrives she finds the cottage already occupied by the antagonistic widowed son-in-law of her mentor. These two individuals are quite obviously damaged. One by betrayal, one by the loss of what he sees as the love of his life – his only soulmate. But the heat they generate is not all in anger, but is there a happily-ever-after in their future? Definitely grab the Kleenex box for this one!

Wilde is a wonderful writer and I love the Texas “voice” of her characters and the communities she creates. My wish is that we’d learn more about the story of the shop owner who sold the veil to Delaney. I have a feeling that would be a story and a half!

I highly recommend adding this fun, romantic, and quite sexy series to your e-Readers and give it the proverbial five stars for a fabulous read!

From the Publisher

Wedding Veil Wishes Books 3 & 4
Happily Ever After: Addicted to Love / All of Me by Lori Wilde
Forever (Grand Central Publishing)
Pub Date Dec 17 2013
ISBN 9781455549924
Price $8.00

Two Wedding Veil Wishes novels, together for the first time in print!

Legend claims this antique Irish wedding veil can grant your heart’s deepest desire. But be careful what you wish for . . .

Growing up in Valentine, Texas, can make anyone believe in happily ever after. Anyone except Rachael Henderson. After having not one but two grooms ditch her at the altar, Rachael commits an uncharacteristic act of rebellion-and gets arrested by sexy Sheriff Brody Carlton, her childhood crush. Rachael’s sworn off of love . . . but now she’s fantasizing about Brody. Can it be possible to have her wedding cake and eat it too?

When a searing betrayal leaves Jillian Samuels heartbroken and wishing for a fresh start, her newly inherited cottage in Salvation, Colorado, seems like the perfect place to find it. It has a fireplace, a mountain view-and the most gorgeous and infuriating man she’s ever met already living inside! Tuck Manning won’t give up his home without a fight, so until they can untangle who owns the cottage, the two resolve to live as roommates. But as the days-and nights-heat up, they find that sometimes salvation comes when you least expect it . . .

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