Sexy and thrilling, Anne Marsh’s Hot Zone delivers page-turning HOT read!

imageI was in the mood for a steamy hot romance so I started reading Anne Marsh’s Hotshot series, as I had received Hot Zone (Hotshots book 2) from the publisher for review. I immediately was drawn into the story in Reburn (Hotshots book 1) and looked forward to book two.

What’s not to love about this group of super alpha hero smoke jumpers / firefighters, who have a base camp deep in the woods. In Hot Zone (Hotshots book 2), we learn more about Dade Johnson who played a role in Reburn. I was waiting for his story as he is HOT, HOT, HOT! Cafeteria helper Sarah Jo is equally drawn to this tough guy with a heart of gold and the kiss he lays on him at the beginning of the story – just WOW!

But all is not as it seems as Sarah Jo is on the run and her hesitancy to get really involved with Dane might just torpedo any possible relationship.

Anne Marsh is able to deliver a very complicated plot with a lot of steamy action and suspense in a very few words (this is really a novella not a novel). But that capability just goes to show what a talented author she is.

If you’re looking to put some heat in your e-reader, this is the series for you!

From the Publisher


The Hotshots Book 2
Hot Zone by Anne Marsh
Kensington Books / eKensington
Pub Date Jan 16 2014
ISBN 9781601830449
Price $2.99

Fighting Fire Is His Nature
To Dade Johnson, fire is a danger he can handle. But the blaze he feels from the moment he lays eyes–and hands, and mouth–on Sarah Jo is too hot to handle. Something about the free-spirited camp cook has him throwing caution to the wind. Little does the hotshots’ second-in-command know he’s cozying up with a suspected arsonist. . ..

She Can’t Help Fanning The Flames
Sarah Jo knows she should steer clear of Dade. A bona fide hero who battles wildland fires every day deserves better than a woman on the run. But their five-alarm attraction has Sarah Jo too weak in the knees to resist playing with fire–until her past catches up with her. Soon, she’ll have to choose between surrendering her secrets–or taking them both down in flames. . ..

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