imageFab Fantasy Fiction is delighted to welcome author Willow James today. She’ll be discussing her HOT & NAUGHTY new romance, PUMPED; sharing a very steamy excerpt; and giving away some very cool stuff! So, sit down, relax, and get ready to have some fun with Willow!
Good morning, Wlllow! Welcome to Fab Fantasy Fiction. I’m still overheated and flushed, because I just finished your new book, PUMPED. WOW! Now that’s one steamy romance. Before we start, could I get you a glass of water (I think I might need one myself), a cup of tea or coffee, some hot chocolate? (I don’t think I’ll need that endorphin rush today, myself/)
I’d love some coffee…light and sweet 😉
Okay, all set? Then let’s chat about PUMPED.
(EVW) Just to let you know, I loved PUMPED. I can’t wait till the next book in your Stilettos and Seductions series is released and wonder, will Jess have a role? (In case you readers haven’t picked up your copy yet, Jess is a secondary character in PUMPED and heroine Skylar’s best friend.) It’s okay if you can’t tell, Willow :-), but we would love to know.(WJ) First of all, I’m SO pleased you enjoyed PUMPED! Yes, Jess will get her own story and so will Minnie. The biggest difference is that Jessica’s story will take place in Scotland with a hot, Scottish hunk. I had planned to make Stilettos and Seductions a trilogy but based on the current reader response, there may be more books.
(EVW) I adore Stilettos’ proprietor Franco, who seems to be quite the cupid, and find the idea of a naughty lingerie / sex toy shop serving as the meeting place for Skylar and Griffin just perfect. Will the shop (and Franco) be playing a central role in the future too?(WJ) The shop will play a central role in Minnie’s love story but not Jessica’s and I will be giving Griffin and Skylar another book…which will feature Stilettos. I love Franco too, he’s such a goofball.(EVW) Heroine Skylar is a student working her way through college at a naughty lingerie / sex toy shop, but maintains quite a level of innocence at the same time. Griffin, too, is quite the hunk (love the detail of his rough hands that are at odds with his businessman persona). Will we be seeing more of them in future Stilettos and Seductions?(WJ) Definitely! I’m currently debating whether or not to do another story for Griffin and Skylar before I do Jessica’s book. They’ll definitely get another book and will make an appearance in Minnie’s book for sure.
(EVW) You’ve described this as an erotic romance – and let me confirm that there are super steamy sex scenes. – but quite frankly Willow, I think more traditional readers of contemporary romance would not find this out of their comfort zone. Could you advise why you decided not to just indicate a higher heat level and class describe this as a “hot” contemporary? I know that a lot of authors are debating this issue now, where do you draw the line to class something as “erotic.”(WJ) Probably because there’s a lot of sex in a shorter story. Also, things are going to get hotter as the series rolls along, so I didn’t want to be limited by a strictly romance label.
(EVW) I’d also like to say that fans of your Amoveo series, which you write as Sara Humphreys, will find this series quite a fun read too. Why did you chose to use a pen name for this contemporary erotic series? Just to distinguish from the paranormal one for your readers? Or do you feel that readers who might not be paranormal fans will find it easier to start with a new author (i.e.: Willow James – love that name!)(WJ) I wanted to have a separate brand for this series. That way when a reader picks up a Willow James book, they know that they’re getting a super hot contemporary romance with lots of sex.
[Emsy fans herself before continuing…]
(EVW) Who are some of your favorite authors? What’s on your bookshelf now?(WJ) Sooooo many! Stehpanie Julian, Cheryl Brooks, Judi Fennell, Raven Morris, Lori Handeland, Sarah Castille, Robin Covington, Damon Suede, Christine Feehan….I could go on all day.
(EVW) Now more than ever, I see authors having to don several hats, including that of publicist/marketer for their works – whether they’re signed with a publisher or are publishing their titles themselves. How can fans help you get the word out about your books? Do you have a street team they can join? And how do you find the time to do all this, write, and take care of your family too?(WJ) The best way fans can help is to tell other readers and leave a good review on Amazon, Goodreads, or BN. If someone is a SUPER fan, then I would love to have them join my street team—Sara’s Angels! My street team peeps help promote both of my brands. They can find out all about that on my
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It’s been great having you, Willow. I can’t wait for you to return!

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WARNING: This excerpt is HOT HOT HOT (NR-17)
Sitting in the center of the last row of the dark theater, Griffin did his best to be patient. According to his cellphone it was five minutes after eight and so far, Skylar was nowhere to be seen.  The latest shoot ‘em up action flick was blaring vibrantly across the screen and there were only about ten other people in the theater other than himself.Leaning back, he stretched both arms along the edges of the empty seats on either side of him. Fighting the urge to check his phone for the tenth time in as many minutes, Griffin glanced to his left but only spotted the group of teenagers who were there earlier.  This whole idea was crazy and maybe Skylar wasn’t coming because she’d decided he was a pervert.The subtle scent of roses filled his head and erased any lingering doubts Griffin had. Settling into the chair to his right, her long, silky hair spilling over his bare forearm, she whispered, “I’m not usually into these kind of movies.” Giving him a sideways glance, she tilted her bag of popcorn in his direction. “Hungry?”“Not for that,” Griffin murmured. His arm draped behind her, Griffin captured a long strand of her hair and wrapped it around his finger. Marveling at the impossibly soft feel of it, he let his gaze wander over her. To his delight, she’d worn a simple cotton sundress that stopped at the middle of her thigh, showing off her bare, tanned legs. “I wasn’t sure if you were going to come.”“To be honest, I almost didn’t,” Skylar, whispered. Staring straight ahead, she kept her voice low. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”“Neither have I but here we are.” Griffin leaned closer and brushed his fingertips over the bare skin of her upper arm.  He could feel her body shivering and pulled her long hair off her shoulder before running his thumb down the line of her neck.  He tilted his head, so his mouth was inches from her ear. “Are you alright?”Skylar nodded silently and kept her eyes on the screen.“I want to touch you.” Griffin shifted his body, his leg bumping hers while he studied her profile and gently massaged her neck.  His other hand drifted over her knee and rested on the soft flesh of her thigh, just below the edge of her sundress. “I’m wondering what you’ve got hidden under here.”“Panties,” she said through a shuddering breath. Clutching the bag of popcorn, her eyes widened as his hand drifted slowly along the inside of her thigh. She let out a slow breath her eyes fluttered closed when Griffin’s fingertips ran along the edge of her panties. “See?” She said. “Nothing special.”“I beg to differ.” Griffin’s cock, already hard, twitched when his hand reached the damp fabric at the juncture of her legs. He placed a kiss along the edge of her ear while stroking her bare shoulder. “Damn. You’re already wet for me. Slide your ass toward the edge of the seat and open your legs.”Eyes still closed, she did as he asked, the bag of popcorn clutched tightly in her hands. Griffin cupped her pussy and groaned when he pressed against the damp fabric and she shuddered in response. Slipping his fingers beneath her panties, he swore under his breath when he found that she was shaved almost entirely bare.“You shaved your pussy for me or is it always this smooth?” Griffin nuzzled her ear. Skylar, her breathing heavy, opened her legs further and moaned when Griffin slid his fingers between her slick folds. He tangled her hair in his hand and with the other, dipped two fingers inside her hot, tight channel. “You’re so fucking wet.”Griffin flicked her clit gently with his thumb while filling her with three fingers. He pushed deeper and almost came apart when her muscles clenched around him. Skylar cried out but quickly swallowed the sound before dropping the bag of popcorn. Moaning, she grabbed the armrests with both hands and opened her legs wider still. Griffin’s dick throbbed when he saw the look of pure pleasure on Skylar’s face while he massaged her clit and finger fucked her. Eyes closed, her head back, she bit her lower lip and whimpered while her hips surged toward his hand wanting more.“I want to watch you come, Skylar,” Griffin whispered. He glanced past her to the couple sitting on the right side of the theater and his dick throbbed as they continued their tryst unnoticed. “Right here. Right now. I want to see the look on your face when you orgasm.”Watching Skylar, with the lights from the film flickering over her, he rubbed her clit in slow torturous circles while sliding his fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Her hips pumped and she gasped as the orgasm crested, her muscles clenching and unclenching around his fingers. Explosions from the film rattled around them, as another surge of wetness filled his hand, Skylar’s body lurched against him as her orgasm erupted.Griffin placed a kiss on top of her head as he slipped his hand from beneath her skirt. Body limp and struggling to catch her breath, Skylar’s eyes fluttered open but she kept her sights on the screen. “I hope that was more satisfying than a solo performance,” Griffin said quietly. Rising from his seat, he glanced down at her and winked. “See you tomorrow.”Before she could respond, he strode out of the dark theater with a grin on his face and a raging hard on. He knew he was going to have to go home and jerk off but that was okay. Tonight wasn’t about getting his rocks off, it was about Skylar and making sure she was comfortable with him and their arrangement. Climbing on his motorcycle, Griffin couldn’t suppress his excitement about what else was coming their way.One fact was certain. Skylar Sole was proving to be an adventurous lover.………………………………………
Spotlight on PUMPED by Willow James
Stilettos & Seductions Book 1PUMPED by Willow JamesASIN B00HMUCZ1IPrice $2.99Skylar Sole is focused on work, getting her degree, and dreams of the future. Men and relationships have never been at the top of her priority list. Besides, if a girl’s got a good vibrator, then why risk a broken heart? The closest thing she has to a relationship is ogling the hottie from the office park who saunters by Stilettos lingerie shop every day on his way to the deli next door. Getting a glimpse of Mr. Wall Street had become the highlight of her work days and he had become the star of her fantasies. However, one Sunday afternoon, fantasy becomes reality when Mr. Wall Street shows up at Stilettos with that sexy, lopsided grin and a tantalizing proposition.
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………………………………………About Willowimage
Willow James is the naughty alter ego of author Sara Humphreys. Willow writes contemporary erotic romance with hot sex and happily ever afters. PUMPED is the first book in the Stilettos and Seductions trilogy. The next two books in the series will also be released in 2014.  If you want to connect with Willow, you can usually find her chatting on Facebook when she should probably be writing.
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