Book Spotlight, Excerpts, Giveaway: Celebrating Lea Barrymire’s HOT paranormal romance series, Willie Krenshaw

Since it’s a Monday – and a cold Monday in the Northeast – my treat to all of you is the chance to warm up, heck STEAM up, with two paranormal romances from Lea Barrymire. Yes, not just one, but TWO books that will set your eReaders on fire!
Lea has some kick-ass heroines and alpha hunks you can sink your proverbial teeth into. Oh, did I forget to say her Willie Krenshaw series has HOT and SEXY vampires and shifters. 
In addition to the book spotlights for HALF IN LOVE and MADE WHOLE, there are steamy, no make that sizzling, excerpts AND the chance to win a $20 gift card. 
So start your week off right and rock this Monday with Lea Barrymire’s Willie Krenshaw books! …………………….BOOK SPOTLIGHTimageHALF IN LOVE by LEA BARRYMIREWillie Krenshaw Book 1Siren Publishing ClassicASIN B008AYYQEEPrice $4.99 (on sale for $3.82)Publication Date: June 6, 2012
Willie Krenshaw wanted nothing more than a few minutes watching the waters of Lake Erie after a long workday. What she ended up with was a drugged male vampire and an itch to be a Good Samaritan.

When her inner kitty starts sniffing around at the male she’s helping, she knows Fate’s evil sense of humor is in full swing. Being a shifter-vampire hybrid is hard enough, but having a male vampire as her fated mate is just too much.

Nickola, the vampire she assists, finds her breathtaking and does all he can to push Fate’s agenda.

Stephen is the male vampire Nickola is investigating for the Council. He takes aim at the couple, intent on pulling Nick to his side or killing him. Between Stephen’s scheming and the Council’s interest in Willie, can they survive the chaos long enough to test the depths of their passions?

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………………………READ A HOT HOT HOT EXCERPT FROMHALF IN LOVE by LEA BARRYMIREimage      Strong arms made her feel safe, secure, and treasured. This was so different than the harsh mauling she endured earlier when the rage rode him. This was how a woman should feel in the arms of a man she was attracted to. Their breath mingled as he deepened the kiss, twining his tongue with hers. She was overwhelmed and on the edge of losing control. She kept her hands fisted in his coat, fighting the urge to wrap her arms around his neck and hold him tightly against her body. His lips burned a hot trail across hers, leaving heated and aching flesh behind. Lips moved slowly along her jaw and nipped at her earlobe. A sharp canine bit into the flesh. Pain and pleasure flashed through her mind. He licked the hurt before taking her mouth again in a bruising, captivating kiss. She moaned into his mouth when he sucked her lower lip into his mouth, nipping and licking his way across her mouth. Slowly her control slipped as the heat he created replaced her nervousness with need. She wasn’t focused anymore on what Nick was, just that he was the male that her animal wanted. Hell, if she was honest with herself, he was who she wanted. She wanted to delve into his mouth, suck his tongue into her mouth, taste every inch of his body. She wanted to wrap her body around his and invite him into all of her intimate places.
      Her cougar was at the edge of her conscious mind, growling and pacing, looking for a way to take control and mark her mate. The cat was purring so loudly that Willie couldn’t hear anything else. The sound was making thought impossible. Her canines itched to elongate and take a nip at this male that had her at such odds with herself. Her clit was throbbing in time to her heart beat. Moisture was pooling in her slit, and the need to be filled by Nick was threatening to tear her sanity apart. She wanted to bite him, to leave her possessive mark on his body. The need to claim him as hers, so no other female would approach him, rushed through her. A growl rumbled in her chest before she could stop the sound.
      “Easy. Keep it together, Willie. They’re already starting to leave. Just another minute or two and we can leave.” Nick’s voice was rough with passion as he breathed the words into her ear. A shudder raced through her body from the intimate sound. She wanted to hear him talk dirty to her in that voice. She wanted to hear him yell her name in passion with that voice as they climaxed together. 
      “I’m trying to keep your scent covered with mine so they don’t catch a whiff of your shifter side. You need to keep a handle on your animal because your scent is changing. Gods, but you smell hot and wet.”
………………………ENTER THE GIVEAWAYfor a $20 Giftcard for Amazon, B&N, ARe or StrandBucksa Rafflecopter giveaway………………………BOOK SPOTLIGHTimageMADE WHOLE by LEA BARRYMIREWillie Krenshaw Book 2Siren Publishing ClassicISBN 9781627410359Price $4.99 (on sale for $4.39)Publication Date: January 2, 2014Renae Gioli isn’t looking for adventure but it finds her in the form of an Italian speaking man named Alexandre DiMassone. The moment she hears his voice in a crappy dive bar she’s entranced. His strange behavior on the dance floor leaves her hot, wanting, and scared.

He’s captivated by her eyes and even as he fights it the vampire can’t help himself. Can he push aside his jaded attitude and embrace what Fate has given him before he loses her? His obsession spells trouble and lust for her. Kidnapping her was never in the cards, but he doesn’t have the willpower to let her walk away.

Rogue vampires, cougar shifters, and more intrude on their time. Can she forgive him for forcing his will on her and changing her entire life in a single bite? His arrogance knows no bounds but she catches a glimpse of the confusion beneath.

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image      She watched a disgruntled male scowl at her, but then he nodded. “I will speak with you, but you will let me hold you as we talk. I feel the need to touch you. If you won’t allow me to kiss you, at least allow me to hold you against me.”      “Fine. No hanky-panky, though. I want answers.”
      “Hanky-panky? I know not what that means, but I understand the implied request. I will not push for intimacy until I have answered some of your questions.”
      Renae held her breath as he moved alongside her on the bed. He slowly reached out and pulled her into his arms until he was spooned against her. She couldn’t stop her body from snuggling against his. He felt so right, so strong, so safe wrapped around her. She breathed deeply, pulling the smell of him into her lungs. She’d never concentrated on anyone’s scent before, but watching Alex sniff the air all the time made her hyper aware of the scents around her. He smelled of soap and perhaps cologne. She didn’t care what the components were, she just relished it and sighed contentedly into his arms.
      “Okay. Explain to me why I can’t go home.” She didn’t want the answer, but this was the most important question on her mind.
      She felt him breathe deeply and shivered as his words tickled across her neck. “You have a very simple choice. You can either live as a vampire’s property or I will have to end your life.”
      “Right. Like that’s a choice at all.” She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Plain English.       What do I have to agree to so I can not be dead?”
      “Now that you know of us, you are not allowed to go back to your life as you knew it. The Council demands that all humans that know of vampires must be taken as a charge by a vampire.       That arrangement can vary greatly, but there are certain requirements that must be met.”
      “Which means what to me? Alex, look, I can feel you skirting the topic. Just tell me. I’m a big girl and can handle it, I promise. I just need to know what is going to happen.”
His body stiffened behind hers and she tensed as well, waiting for the bad news to come. Here we go.       “You must be marked by one of us.”
      She waited a few heartbeats for more. When he didn’t continue she knew this was the part he didn’t want to share. She turned in his arms and looked into his troubled eyes. “What exactly does that mean?”
………………………ABOUT LEA
Lea Barrymire lives in Western New York with her hubby, three children, and miscellaneous critters. Before the rugrats, she lived a life of adventure, following her husband all over Europe with the US military. She’s slept in a car outside Paris, drove six hours just to see tulips in the Netherlands, and knocked ash from her shoes at Pompeii. Now she spends her time in life’s adventures at soccer games, PTA meetings and school plays.

Lea has loved reading from a very young age, spending many sleepless nights devouring books. Science fiction and paranormal were her favorite genres to read as a teenager, and that love bled into her adult life. She started writing during a bout of insomnia, to fill time, and found it filled a creative void. Now she communes regularly with the characters in her head and tries not to laugh out loud when they say something funny.

When Lea isn’t reading, writing or corralling kids, she enjoys watching movies and sciencey shows, or just kicking back and listening to some music.

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