Review: Elisabeth Naughton’s romantic suspense 4-star thriller, Extreme Measures, is a perfect beach read!

imageRomantic suspense is my “go-to” genre that I tend to seek out when I want to escape. I love the pulse-pounding, adrenaline-spiking stories that cause my Kindle to sometimes overheat as the pages fly by. That’s why I was so happy to see that one of my favorite multi-genre authors, Elisabeth Naughton (Stolen, Eternal Guardians, Against All Odds series), was releasing the first novel in a new romantic suspense series, Aegis Security. There have been been several teaser novellas published previously that introduced us to members of the Aegis Security team (see: Acapulco Heat in Bodyguards In Bed, First Exposure, and Sinful Surrender), so to say that I’ve been anticipating the publication of the first full length story, Extreme Measures, is an understatement.

Naughton is a master hand at mixing hot sex scenes with stories of suspense and Extreme Measures is a good representation of this. From the beginning pages when we’re introduced to Zane Archer, an Aegis operative, and Eve Wolfe, his former CIA lover, you know that these two will be steaming up the pages. But first they have to overcome some mutual distrust, the kidnapping of Eve’s sister, traitors within the CIA, and the anger of Aegis Security founder Jake Ryder at Zane’s desertion.

I have to say I enjoyed the story, but to be honest it wasn’t my absolutely favorite book by Naughton. Of the four Aegis Security stories to date, the strongest heroine title certainly belongs to Eve. In fact, it’s the need to release the inner woman that seems to be key to this relationship progressing from Eve, the consummate CIA operative, to Eve, operative and woman. In contrast, alpha hero Zane is more in tune with his touch-feely side, though driven for quite a bit of the book by his desire to revenge himself on Eve for her perceived betrayal.

I’m definitely looking forward to future books in the series and am hoping some may focus on Eve’s sister, Olivia, Aegis operative Landon Miller, Jake Ryder, and Jake’s assistant Marley Addison. It definitely seems like they’ll have stories to be told.

Extreme Measures is a great summer read. Really a perfect virtual pulse-pounding getaway to enjoy while spending an afternoon at the pool or the beach. I’d advise you to pick up the previous stories in the series to read first as not only are they fun, but some of their characters are mentioned in this story (and I’m sure future ones as well).

So if you’re looking for a great beach read, pick up Extreme Measures, a four star thriller.

From the Publisher

Aegis Security
Extreme Measures by Elisabeth Naughton
Montlake Romance
ISBN 9781477822562
Price $4.99
Publication Date: July 8, 2014

Being prepared for any scenario is the trademark of any good CIA operative, and Eve Wolfe is one of the best. But when her latest mission literally explodes in her face, she wakes up labeled a traitor and—even more surprising—in the custody of elite Aegis Security operative and ex-lover Zane Archer. Although she still secretly has feelings for Zane, he’s now demanding the one thing that she can’t give him: the truth.

When he caught her breaking the rules years ago, Zane let Eve walk away without an explanation. Now someone has not only sabotaged Aegis but also turned an American city into a war zone, and all signs point to Eve. Zane needs answers that can come only from Eve’s still-tempting lips, and he finally has the elusive operative right where he wants her—at his mercy.

The first book in bestselling author Elisabeth Naughton’s new steamy romantic suspense series brings a spy in from the cold…and sets her heart ablaze.

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