Filled with powerful emotion, love, and romance, you’ll want seconds after reading Adrianne Lee’s Delectable

imageFor anyone who’s experienced the loss of a parent, the grief can be overwhelming. Tangled together are “what if’s,” “could have’s,” “should have’s,” as well as the realization that nothing ever will be the same. That familiar voice will not be able to provide comforting words nor will those arms be able to shelter you in a hug that keeps all the scary things away. But when grief hits, sometimes we’re lucky enough to have other loved ones around who can offer comfort and share the burden of loss.

Delectable, Adrianne Lee‘s first book in her Big Sky

Find your Love on Main Street too in this absolute gem of a holiday anthology

imageI love this time of year, no, not just all the spooky decor for Halloween, but the time that the we begin to see the holiday (Christmas) anthology show up in bookstores. Starting in October, we are usually blessed with a choice of anthologies from some of our favorite authors and they usually can be counted on to be lighthearted and fun reads.

This year, I received an anthology for review that included novellas by seven authors – Adrienne Bell, Juliet Blackwell, Cecilia Gray, Rachael Herron, Lisa Hughey, Ruby Laska, L.G.C. Smith – some I had read before, some not. …

You’ll want to play along with this vampire in Tiffany Allee’s newest Files from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency book.

imageSet in Chicago, Tiffany Allee‘s Files from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency (OWEA) series is really enjoyable. I received a copy of book four, Vampire Games, to review and, of course, had to get books one through three (Banshee Charmer, Succubus Lost, Lycan Unleashed) to read first. Wow! I’m so glad I did. Allee has created really interesting characters, an arcing story line throughout the four books, and fascinating investigations into otherworldly crimes, mixed in with some very steamy romantic action.

First introduced in book one, Chicago police detective and vampire Claude Desmairis the focus …

Lolita Lopez’s series features sexy, alpha dragons with tattoos and attitude

imageI’ve had the two books in Lolita Lopez’s Dragon Heat series on my Kindle TBR (to be read) shelf for a while, but receiving a copy of the second book Red Hot Dragon from the publisher, I decided to read the two books asap.

I’ll be up front – I love dragons. I’m not sure if it’s my Welsh heritage or if there is just something uber sexy about fire breathing reptiles, but I do tend gravitate towards these shape shifting beasts.

Lopez’s dragons are part of a secret brotherhood that protects the dragon race from St. George’s descendants – …

Just in time for Halloween, a romantic ghost story by Libby Bishop

imageGhosts, romance, a setting on an island off the coast of Maine – how could I resist reading this novella-length book, Ghosts of Kingston Cottage, by Libby Bishop. I couldn’t. It’s a perfect pre-Halloween read, but to be frank, although spooky, the romance between the ghosts and the paranormal investigator (medium) and skeptical reporter really is the focus of this story.

I can only commend Bishop as this story is engrossing. From the paranormal investigation agency that we want to hear more about, to the three friends who grew up in the small Maine coastal town, to the possible romance, …